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Field Collection

Mobigence for field collections enables the workforce with the details of the tokens for which the collection has to be made. The necessary data like the address of the customer, amount to be collected, etc,. is made available to the FoS (Feet on Street) through his mobile device which has a Mobigence remote instance installed in it. The FoS can login with the credentials given to him by the organization. This user login, password, transaction passwords can be generated by the administrator using the web user interface.

FoS can them make collections from the customer using his mobile device. There is an option to set the cash limit for each FoS. The device won’t let him to make further collections if the cash-in-hand is greater than the limit allowed. The agency accounts officer can remit cash from the FoS using the mobile device. Once the cash is remitted, the FoS will be able to continue with his collections.

The total amount collected per day by an agency, the total amount collected per month by an agency, performance of various agencies / FoS, etc,. can be viewed through the web user-interface.

Currently, using Mobigence for field collection, more than 5 Million transactions has been made and more than Rs.10 Billion collected.

Snapshot of Mobigence Field Collection Web UI

Agency/FoS Performance monitoring


Automatic Updates


Incentive management


FoS cash limit