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Channel Partner Policy

i. Support Training Certification:
All channel partners shall be trained on various support that they may be required to extend to end users from time to time. They shall also be trained on problem solving so as to ensure quick resolution of issues. It becomes mandatory that all enlisted channel partners of VoiceGear possess VoiceGear support training certification and with out which support can not be extended.

ii. First level support :
All First level support to end users shall be made by channel partner and it is important that the channel partner has such response mechanism in place to provide such support immediately. In any such case, it is reasonably estimated that all such support shall be provided by the channel partner with in 24 hours of support sought. First level support would mean answering the customer support call, providing telephonic support and providing technical support at the customer premise.

iii. Client blocking period (client proposals):
The channel partner shall be protected on all leads ( client sourcing proposal) generated by them to VoiceGear. It becomes the responsibility of channel partner to record all such client sourcing proposals in the form of electronic form and send it across to VoiceGear. VoiceGear shall follow a policy of first right of refusal or acceptance for those such client sourcing proposals generated by the channel partner and this condition shall remain valid for a period of 45 days. Beyond 45 days, the client sourcing proposal becomes unblocked and remains open for sourcing by other enlisted channel partners.

VoiceGear has the right to audit compliance with the above mentioned terms and if VoiceGear finds non compliance to the terms and conditions cited above, then the channel partner can be subject to immediate termination of its commercial agreement with Voicegear under the breach of channel partner policy.