• Leading provider of WAN optimization and Remote Enterprise Infrastructure solutions.
  • Products developed for developing country scenarios
  • Our Strength – Innovation & Dependable Research
  • 10X growth in the last two years
  • 100% customer retention
  • Customer satisfaction as core value
  • Solutions to redefine your network
  • Solutions to improve and track productivity


VoiceGear is a leading provider of WAN optimization and remote infrastructure solutions. The company was formed to provide a unique solution that addresses all the issues faced in the computer networks in developing countries. VoiceGear provides products in WAN optimization, network security and remote enterprise infrastructure using mobiles/hand-held terminals.

VoiceGear has market presence in India and the Middle East. Headquartered at Chennai, VoiceGear has offices in India and research center in the U.S. VoiceGear’s in-house research team consists of only IITians. Our cutting edge technology products are designed taking into consideration the network scenarios in developing countries like India and hence our product performance outshines the rest in the market.

Our Mission: Every person on earth uses, loves and is excited by VoiceGear technology on a daily basis. We deliver this through extreme levels of innovation, adaptability, responsiveness and evolution.
VoiceGear has shown 10X growth in the last two years. Established in 2007, VoiceGear has 100% customer retention. Our vision is to make VoiceGear product a component of every single network in the world.

VoiceGear helps organizations reap maximum benefits from the existing networks and minimize their operational expenses by optimizing their network usage and securing their data over the wires. We deliver to customers higher returns on investment at a low cost of ownership. In addition to providing cutting-edge technology products, VoiceGear provides simple and reliable solutions to problems faced by enterprises and government organizations. VoiceGear is driven by the strength of innovation and dependable research.

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