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Field Verification

Mobigence for field verification reduces the average turn around time for verification from days to hrs. Normally it takes more than a day for the loan application data to be handed over to the verification FoS. Mobigence automates the whole process. The loan application data gets allocated dynamically to whichever FoS is in that customer’s area at that time. The FoS gets the contact address and loan details in his mobile device. The FoS then visits the customer for verification. His input gets captured immediately through his mobile device and reaches the Mobigence server using GPRS.

Location / Time Tracking The time and location where the FoS makes the field verification is also captured by the system.

Auto + Dynamic allocation The cases get allocated to the FoS automatically according to the predefined process.

Performance monitoring The performance of various FoS and Agencies can be monitored and the web user interface displays graphs of them.

Snapshot of Mobigence Field Verification Web UI

Average turn-around time is 4 hrs


Location tracking


Time tracking


Auto + Dynamic allocation


Automatic Updates