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Network Management

Organisations with tens or hundreds of branches have little to no way of knowing their network traffic pattern. Without visibility into the network, locating the bottleneck or critical issue is a challenge. iArmor with its management extensions helps locate the real bottle neck, answer critical questions, completes repetitive management tasks while keeping the network healthy.

Distributed Firewall
Distributed Firewall can enforce and update corporate security policies across the network and execute granular control over every remote branch from the head office or data center. This improves the performance and manageability of web applications across the network and prevents multiple entry/exit of same data into the corporate, thereby contributing significantly to network cost savings.

A scenario where the branches are connected only to their data center. The firewall sits in the data center. Any internet access made from the branch happens through this firewall. With iArmor, distributed firewall is present in every branch office. The policies for the firewall is set from one central location, in this case the data center. Post iArmor, the 7x ILP connection is not required. Instead, the branches can connect to internet through a 1x DSL connection. This improves the network efficiency and reduces cost.

Extended LAN
Routing between branches is done automatically and securely, enabling transparent emulation of a single LAN across geographically separated branches. This provides a path for inter-office data transfer, making file sharing and accessing between offices easy, secure and fast. The secure routing ensures what ever data sent over wires is free from data theft.


Bandwidth Limiter
Excessive demand, even from a minor section of your office network, will slow or cripple the Internet performance of all the computers present in that LAN. This may result in repeated complaints of slow connections. Purchasing more bandwidth often does not solve this issue, as experience shows unrestricted traffic will always expand to use the bandwidth available.

With iArmor’s bandwidth limiter, we can set upload and download limits. It rations bandwidth among users and days. Thus guarantees users fair share of bandwidth and network managers no surprises with the bill. This ensures all workstations receive a suitable allocation of resources and reduces the overall bandwidth requirements thereby saving money. Web filter and Bandwidth limiter together ensures an efficient network for happier, more productive users.

Remote Desktop Monitor
With geographically separated branches, it is very difficult to ensure the users use their time and resource properly. Remote desktop monitor plugin in iArmor helps the administrator to transparently monitor any computer in any of his remote branch office. Hence the system administrator can check if the computer and network resources are used properly.

Manage & control multiple branches at the ease of managing a single branch


Single LAN across geographically separated branches


Ensures fair usage of bandwidth by employees


Monitor any machine in your network from your seat