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WAN Optimization

iArmor has powerful WAN optimization capabilities. Being a confluence of powerful protocol optimization, compression, object and byte caching, QoS and link merge, iArmor can often improve WAN throughput and reduce latency many folds.

iArmor not only has application specific performance improvement techniques for most commonly used applications like HTTP, HTTPS, CIFS like traditional WAN optimization solutions, but also an application independent accelerator, which could improve the performance of almost all applications.

Typical Bandwidth savings


iArmor’s real time compression can save significant fraction of the bandwidth requirement, while keeping additional delays to a minimum. The packet level compression ensures that data from any application is compressed, if possible. This gives a noticeable increase in the result as application level compressors can compress data from known applications only.
Typical savings can be up to 60% while content like raw media can take this figure to above 80%

iArmor’s byte and object caching combined with real-time compression provides significant savings on your WAN pipe requirements. This translates into reduction in bandwidth requirement, increase in the max number of supported users and improvement in end user web experience leading to significant improvement in employee productivity.

Typical bandwidth savings can be in the range of 50-75% while certain data like uncompressed high definition media can be accelerated up to 4000% (reduction in bandwidth of 97%)

iArmor’s protocol optimizations improve the performance of most enterprise applications. There is a significant reduction in response time for applications. Chatty protocols and Web 2.0 applications will benefit most. Networks that have high delay and/or packet loss like satellite and mobile networks will experience a pleasant jump in performance, improving end user experience and increasing productivity.

Bandwidth shaping
Bandwidth shaping is critical to the prioritization part of iArmor. iArmor’s bandwidth shaping not only prioritizes out-going packets, but also predicts the queue length on the other end of the ISP link and throttles traffic accordingly. This improves the quality of most real-time communications drastically even when there is overload on the network.

Link Merge
Most businesses have more than one WAN link as an insurance against network outages. In many scenarios, these secondary links are kept as a cold standby and may even need human intervention to change over during failure. iArmor’s inbuilt Link-merge algorithm, shares the network load on all the links simultaneously, improving throughput and reducing costs. It also fails over graciously without human intervention.

Bandwidth savings 50-75%


Response time reduction up to 90%


Join multiple links to get higher throughput and uptime


50-90% reduction in ISP expenditure


RoI in 1Yr